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Hosting your e-Commerce with HitNet.com offers many benefits:



Security and Data Protection

By implementing best practices for security, HitNet can ensure that your company's store data are safe from hackers. Outside access to databases is restricted and only the necessary ports are opened, thereby minimizing the chances of attack. We use firewalls and intrusion detection systems and monitor the packets in our network for any suspicious activity. This leads to an overall secure environment in which your customers can be comfortable to place credit card transactions without worrying about their information being compromised.

Site Uptime

We would like to emphasize that ensuring that your store is online is extremely important to us. Our networks are with Tier 1 bandwidth providers with redundant backup networks in case of failures. Bandwidth allotted to your store is clean bandwidth unlike that of other vendors who tend to distribute it among many customers. The store is also monitored on a 24-7-365 basis through our network monitoring tool, and an engineer is notified should your website experience any problems.

Low ongoing support and IT maintenance costs

You can use HitNet as the hosted ecommerce solution and save the expenses associated with supporting these applications. Our engineers are specifically trained for an environment like this. We want you to focus on your store rather than the actual deployment.

Flexibility & Scalability

Time is of importance when implementing an ecommerce store. Whether we implement an ecommerce store for you or host your existing online store, HitNet would like to assure you that your store will be set up quickly with minimal downtime. Dealing with different technologies and environments has given us ample experience in migrating store platforms in a short period of time thereby reducing the downtime in such a switchover.

Rapid deployment

Time is of key essence when implementing an ecommerce store. Sometimes, switching from providers brings the quintessential question to the store owner: Can the new service provider be able to set the store up quickly with minimal downtime? HitNet's answer is Yes. Dealing with different technologies and environments has given us ample experience in migrating store platforms in a short period of time thereby reducing the downtime in such a switchover.

Development & Site Maintenance

Even though HitNet may not have developed your store, we can definitely help you maintain the store in terms of upgrading or adding new features. Our development team can customize any ecommerce store platform, so talk to HitNet’s sales representative during the setup process about development and site maintenance options.



e-Commerce Hosting

Ecommerce applications have grown to become very important. Whether your business is looking to get a start in the realm of ecommerce or outgrow your current service provider, HitNet can provide solutions geared towards your requirements. We always listen to our customers, and our support is unmatched. We make sure that your ecommerce application is always online. Every minute that your online store is offline, you stand to lose money in terms of lost visitors, marketing expenses, and overall reputation. HitNet understands the critical nature of ensuring that these applications are online and are monitored continuously.
Hosting ecommerce applications involves maintaining a network infrastructure that needs to keep the store online. Additionally, hosting ensures a secure environment to protect these stores from being compromised of their sensitive information. Ecommerce websites are especially vulnerable to attacks by hackers as they tend to deal with credit card and other personal information. Security is one of the major issues highlighted in various surveys, and consumers are more careful on where they place their orders in light of the emerging identity theft and data loss situations. HitNet places a top-level priority in maintaining a secure network and has implemented best practices to do everything possible to minimize the risk of an attack.

HitNet ecommerce hosting services offer the following features:

In house Data Center
Secure Data Center
Access Control technology for restricted access to the data facility
E-Commerce Hosting Sub Menu
Around the clock network monitoring 24/7/365 from dual remote locations.
Industry standard Firewalls and Routers Cisco Routers and Sonicwall firewalls
UPS Backup
Tier 1 Bandwidth Provider
Dell & Compaq servers
Expert Level Knowledge in multiple platforms
Expert level knowledge at Windows applications
Superior Engineering skills
Lastly, support and personnel

Hosting any ecommerce store is incomplete without web analytics. In this age of return on investment, every store owner realizes the importance and need for a reporting tool which supplies information on visitors to the site and the location of these visitors on the Internet. The more information the store administrator gathers, the better the strategic planning can be. HitNet offers detailed web statistics reports that can be broken down by different options ranging from search engine referrers to daily visits and hits.

With a current client base that ranges from a billion dollare Corporation to a 1 person shop, HitNet has the necessary experience in dealing with ecommerce applications. If you need more information, please do not hesitate to talk to our sales representatives.

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